Great experiences build great brands

By investing in sound professional relationships and adopting a culture of collaboration on a global scale, Medcon made its presence internationally during the late 1970s after the successful completion of several prestigious projects in the Gulf.

Today, carefully chosen strategic partnerships enable us to acquire vital local knowledge and access the specific technologies required by leveraging unique experiences and expertise.


in diversity
Medcon is actively involved in related lines of business such as construction management, property development, design & build, and property management. Subsequently, we have acquired an in depth understanding of the sector, which enables us us to better understand our clients’ needs.

in unity
All Karantokis Group companies share a common vision and core values that promote corporate social responsibility, fair business practices and consumer confidence building.


in people
Medcon supports its workforce by providing a desirable working environment and promoting the continuous development of skills, up-to-date engineering knowledge, and streamlined management practices.

in relationships
Medcon has developed excellent relationships by actively engaging industry stakeholders and social partners on matters of importance, and embracing collaboration as a means of solving problems.

A tradition of excellence​...

"Active involvement in activities throughout the industry’s value chain has enabled the company to successfully develop and retain access to a highly specialised fleet of plant and machinery suited for the specific requirements of each project undertaken."

the Executive Director

Having successfully executed construction projects since the early 1950’s, in 1966 Mr Karantokis incorporated Medcon Construction as the natural evolution of his vision.

The Company has since successfully completed over 700 building, civil engineering, and property development projects in both the public and private sectors.

At Medcon we pride ourselves on continuing the tradition and completing our projects on time and in accordance with the highest international standards.

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Strategic and Tactical

Construction as an industry comprises six to nine percent of the gross domestic product of developed countries. Construction starts with planning, design, and financing and continues until the project is built and ready for use.

Medcon is one of the key players in the construction industry…