Make it yours

A once in a lifetime decision… let’s make sure it’s the right one!

Let’s find the perfect home for you in one of our modern, eco-friendly housing projects.

Doing our job is your peace of mind, the result being a home free from problems and expensive repair bills.

Value for money

Attractive, sleek and modern materials are chosen for all the new developments. Where necessary cost-effective options will be carefully selected to enhance aesthetic value without the added burden to your wallet.

Quality in excellence

Over the years Medcon has developed a simple, effective and robust Total Project Management system. Specifically designed to assess the entire life cycle of any project it provides effective management and control from inception to delivery.

About Us

With a contracting tradition originating back to 1950 and …

And then...

our clients have the option of benefiting from the same high-quality service for many years after moving into their new home with our continued after sales service.