Zygi Fishing Shelter
November 13, 2020

Limassol MDT Plant

  • Location: Pentakomo and Kantou, Limassol District, Cyprus
  • JV Name: Medcon & db Technologies JV
  • Designer: Hydroment Engineering Consultants S.A.
  • Employer's Consulting Engineer: Enviroplan A.E. - KOCKS Consult gmbh (Joint Venture)
  • Operator: MDT Limassol Waste Management Company
  • Project Value: €73,117,800
  • Project Category: Technical - Class A
  • Commencement: 20 April 2015
  • Commencement of operation: 9 November 2017
  • Operation Contract: 10 Years
  • Expected completion: 8 November 2027
  • Effective participation: 60%
  • Permanent staff: 80

Design, construction and operation of the Integrated Installations for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste (IIMMSW) and Waste Transfer Station (WTS) in the region of Limassol

The design work was completed in adherence with the concept and parameters provided by the employer as part of the contract. Implementation, construction, installation and commissioning of the equipment followed as part of the construction contract which also included:

All necessary preparatory works and infrastructure such as site clearance, earthworks, firefighting services, the construction of paved heavy vehicle manoeuvring areas and a 5km fully paved road network with necessary drainage and utilities.

The erection of over 17,500 m2 of steel framed buildings to house the machine repair workshop, recyclables warehouse, mechanical separation and biological treatment units, and all electromechanical works required for the installation of the machinery and process equipment. Watertight reinforced concrete was utilised for the construction of the two anaerobic digestors, an organics buffer tank, a 5,500m3 wastewater equalisation tank and four wastewater treatment process chambers.

Appropriate geosynthetic clay layer and HDPE liners were utilised in conjunction with and other geotextiles in the construction of the 600,000m3 sanitary landfill, artificial lake and evaporation ponds for the brine produced by the Reverse Osmosis unit.

Upon completion of the construction works the project entered the operation phase on 9 November 2017 and is since being operated under subcontract by MDT Limassol Waste Management Company - an affiliated company.